A Vision / Taisbean

A Vision

I see a forest in my mind,
Where the trees all have new bark
And the space between the branches
            is filled with stars.
And there is one tree among the rest,
My tree,
Planted when the world was young,
Now ancient and vast
With strong, deep roots into the Earth
And boughs that touch the Heavens.
I call her “the friendship tree”,


Chì mi coille ‘nam aigne
Le rùsg ùr air gach craobh
‘S an àile eadar na geugan
            làn reultan.
‘S tha aon chraobh nam measg –
Mo chraobh-sa
Chaidh a chur nuair bha an saoghal òg,
‘S i nis aost’ is àrd
Le freumhan làidir domhainn san Talamh
‘S geugan a’ suathadh nan Nèamh.
Craobh a’ chairdeas:

Gaelic translation by Angus Peter Campbell

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