Remember, remember Rosemary.
How could I forget?
You’ve always been a friend to me
The best I’ve ever met.

Through countless ages, times gone by,
You blessed us with your gifts,
Like the ability to clearly see
Through the billows of time’s mists.

The honey bees all love you
With your nectar sweet and pure.
One thing is for certain
There’s nothing you can’t endure,

For you have mastered patience
And have won your great reward:
The crown which confers peace of mind,
That liberates the soul.

You deserve all honour, truly,
So I praise you with this verse,
Let everyone be whole again
And heaven and earth converse.

Reconnect us with our higher selves,
Our Genius and our Guide,
The Guardian who keeps us safe
And never leaves our side.

And so may you daily thrive and grow
O sacred herb of yore.
The wise ones always kept you dear,
Revered for evermore.

Rosemary, sweet Rosemary,
You remove our inner doubt,
The darkness, which would keep us blind
To what life’s all about.

Rosemary, your name brings joy,
To those who have ears to hear,
And may your abundant gift of love
Increase with every year.

Shared for Lucy

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