No Dancing on a Dead Planet

Welcome agus Fàilte
To the masked ball, the Danse Macabre,
The swinging scene which fills my vision.
Politicians jive talking as they
Pas de deux with duplicity,
Reality a wall-flower rejected and alone.

We have built cathedrals to progress
As we hasten towards everlasting destruction,
The congregations stupefied like opiate junkies
While massive juggernauts rumbling over us
Pulverise everything to dust.

“Wake up, wake up!” exhorts the poet
From their book of Revelations
And with a rebel yell we cried
Less, less, less
And were idle no more.

Grasping the rose despite the thorns
A resurrection will be wrought
So we may pass her on to the youth,
Full of grace and vigour and hope,
Looking forward to the future world
Where they can dance on to infinity.

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